Morning Routine

What's Your Morning Routine?

What we open our eyes to can make as much of an impact as what our skin feels when it starts to sense the start of a new day. In essence, we are preparing our mind, soul and body for what the next 12 hours hours will bring. That’s why I choose to start each weekday morning at 6am with comfy Jams that let me know it’s going to be a good day!

My Jams give me the comfort of slipping out of bed and are breathable enough for me to hop onto my yoga mat and start setting intentions, followed by a few poses to get my blood flowing.
Because the fabric feels so good, I’m still not ready to detach from my Jams so I usually boil some water and add a little lemon juice to my Choose Joy stoneware mug. After I shower, I put my Jams in a sacred spot and countdown the hours until we reconnect later in the evening. 

xo, Joy and Jams

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