Why We Chose Bamboo Fabric For Our Pajamas

Why We Chose Bamboo Fabric For Our Pajamas

Why Bamboo?


Today’s textile industry is booming and the fabric options we currently have are simply mind-blowing. From natural, organic cotton, cork and hemp to recycled plastics and polyester, and all of the innovative, sustainable and non-sustainable, synthetic and semi-synthetic fabrics in between, the fashion industry is collectively taking notice to their contribution to pollution and becoming more aware of the ethical changes that have to be made in order to thrive and continue on a path of environmentally, sustainable materials.


Joy and Jams features the softest and most sensible fabrics, such as bamboo, to create a luxury lounge experience using a more gentle resource from our planet. We’re so excited to use this material for our first sleepwear collection, The Bamboo Collection, featuring The Lillian sleepwear set. With the summer and fall season ahead of us, we felt the design, the thermoregulatory and breathable properties, as well as the construction of the short-sleeved shirt and short set would be the perfect combination to elevate joy and create a comforting experience like no other. Enjoy and we look forward to exploring more of this bamboo grass fabric in our future blog posts, so stay tuned!


xo, Joy and Jams

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